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JING WU Sports Federation Locations (Chin Woo Athletic Association)

Jing Wu

Jing Wu Sports Federation (Chin Woo Athletic Association) is a chinese kung fu association founded by Mizongyi (Mizongquan) kung fu master Huo Yuan Jia with a group of other kung fu masters between 1909 and 1910 for spreading kung fu to the chinese people, with less secrecy.

Jing wu was founded with the aim to save the Chinese martial arts from being lost in time and to enpower the Chinese people by learning and practising the deadly but life changing martial arts. Jing wu is pronounced and written in many ways, like Chin Woo, Ching Wu, Jing Mo, Jing Wo, Jingwu, Jin wu, Jinwu, etc.

Huo Yuan Jia

Mizongyi Kung fu master Huo Yuan Jia is considered as one of the most respected martial artists of the last century. He was famous for his highly publicized martial arts fighting matches with foreign fighters which upholded the national pride of the chinese. The life story of the jing wu sports federation founder, master Huo Yuan Jia was portrayed in the martial arts film, Huo Yuan Jia, (also knows as Fearless). Jet li lead the leed role in the movie as Master Huo Yuan Jia. The movie, Fearless, portrayes the founding of jingwu sports federation also. Among the movies the most famous movie on Jing wu sports federation and Huo Yuan Jia was martial art legend Bruce Lee's Jing Wu Men a.k.a Fist of Fury (The Chinese Connection, Jing mo mun , School for Chivalry, The Iron Hand ...). Even though in Jing Wu Men, no one plays the role of Huo Yuan Jia, the movie's core story is based on the murder of Huo Yuan Jia and and the events happened at JingWu after Hou Yuan Jia's death. The main charecter in Jing wu men is chen zhen, which was played by Bruce lee, who was supposed to be one of the best student of master Hou Yuan Jia. Bruce lee's Jing wu men is still regarded as one of the best Chinese martail arts movie ever filimed. Jing wu ying xiong a.k.a Fist of Legend was another block buster chinese martial arts movie released relating to of Huo Yuan Jia and Jingwu martial arts school. Like Jing wu Men, Jing wu ying xiong is the story of Chen Zhen, but more nourished than in Bruce lee's Jing wu Men. Martail arts actor Jet li played the role of Chen Zhen in Jing wu ying xiong. The movie Jing wu ying xiong is considered as one of the best martial arts movie of Jetli. Jing mo fung wan: Chen Zhen aka The Legend of Chen Zhen (Chen Zhen the Nocturnal Hero, Jing Wu Turbulence, Fist of Fury: The Legend of Chen Zhen) is another Chen Zhen movie under production. The role of Chen Zhen is this time played by the kung fu super star Donnie Yen. Jing Wu Men (Fist of the Fury) is considered as the greatest movie of bruce lee. Jing wu ying xiong (First of the Legend) is praised as the best martial arts action movie of Jetli. We can hope that Jing mo fung wan: Chen Zhen (The Legend of Chen Zhen) will be the most astonishing movie of Donnie Yen. Anyway, these movies are the greatest tribute to the Jingwu founder and mizongyi Kung fu master Huo Yuan Jia, and Jing Wu Sports Federation.

Note that there is no such Chinese kung fu style called jing wu kung fu. JingWu Sports Federation just teaches different kung fu styles and there is no kung fu style called Jing wu kung fu style. Even though Master Huo Yuan Jia was the founder of the jing wu school, he had given significance and accepted other kung fu styles and invited many famous kung fu masters to teach in Jing wu school.

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List of JingWu Sports Federation (Chin Woo Athletic Assoctiation) branches across the world -

Today Jing wu sports federation is having numerous branches all over the world. New branches of Jing Wu sports federation are opening across the world. Here is a list of Jingwu schools in varoius nations and their contact details. This may help you to locate your nearest jing wu school.

Jing Wu Sports Federation in China :

Fo Shan Jing Wu Athletic Association
Fut Shan
GuangZhou (Canton)
Phone: 22932, 24775

Guang Zhou Jing Wu Athletic Association
Guangzhou (Canton)

Shanghai Jing Wu Federation
Bldg Number -30
Lane 1702 Shi Chuan Bei Road,
Email address: scwaf[at]online[dot]sh[dot]cn, chinwoo[at]citiz[dot]net
Phone: 021-63241162, 021-63064212

Lu Fong Jing Wu Athletic Association
Lu Fong

Macau Jing Wu Athletic Association
Leong Chung Ling, President
Phone: 853 235538

Tianjin Jing Wu Athletic Association
Xiaonanhe Village
Xiqing District
Tianjin (Tientsin)
Phone: 022-23989292

Yu Yao Jing Wu Athletic Association
Febcone Zhu
Room 302
Seat 22
Shan Xi New Residential Area,
Yu Yao
China 315400
Email address: febcone[at]yahoo.com[dot]cn
Phone: 574-62638962

Liaoning Jing Wu Athletic Association
China- 125001

[Please note that the telephonic country code of China is 86]

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Chin Woo Athletic Assoctiation
Flat B-C
Thirteenth Floor
Wah Fung Building
300 Nathan Road
Email address: yeung[at]iohk[dot]com
Telephone: 85223843238

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Vietnam:

Vietnam Chin Woo Athletic Association
756, Nguyen Trai,
Q5 Ho, Chi Minh City,

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Japan :

Japan Chin Woo Athletic Association
1150 Kamitoyooka-Machi,
Takasaki Shi,
Gunma Ken,
Telephone: 0273430335
Fax number: 0273430335

Jing Wu Sports Federation in USA :

USA Jing Wu Federation
PO.Box - 742703
Dallas, Texas 75374,
United States of America
Phone: 972 6807888
Email address: jkwong[at]chinwoo[dot]com

Jing Wu Hawaii
P.O. Box No - 27211,
Hawaii 96827

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Peru :

Peru Chin Woo Association
Av Javier Prado 6891,
Santa Patricia III etapa - La Molina
Lima - Peru
Telephone: 51 1 3495565
Email address: peruchinwoo[at]senley[dot]org

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Germany :

German Chin Woo Athletic Association
Hugo-Jakobs-Str 4
58332 Schwelm, Germany

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Czech Republic :

Czech Republic Chin Woo
P O Box C. 195 14200
Praha 411
Czech Republic
Telephone and Fax: 004202 5615549
Email address: akademie[at]taiji[dot]cz

Jing Wu Sports Federation in United Kingdom :

United Kingdom Chin Woo Martial Arts Athletic Association
Lee Yokewan,
62 - Cleveland Gardens,
Telephone: 020 84582108
Email address: masterlee[at]chinwoo.freeserve[dot]co[dot]uk

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Netherland :

Dutch Chin Woo Athletic Association
Qui Rong Zhao
Surinamestraat - 9
1944 XC Beverwijk
Telephone: 0031 251259010
Email address: Jingwu_nl [at] yahoo[dot] com

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Holland :

Holland Chin Woo Athletic Association
Nieuwe Fellenoord 12,
5612 KC Eindhoven, Netherlands

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Sri Lanka :

SriLanka ChinWoo Athletic Association
SriLanka - 10120
Telephone: +941888595
Email address: Slwushubase [at] Yahoo [dot] com

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Singapore:

Singapore Chin Woo Athletic Association
No.90, Neil Road, Singapore-208
Telephone: 652238540

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Switzerland:

Switzerland Chin Woo Sports Federations
Kampfkunst Fitnessclub,
Untere Zulgstrasse 1
3613 Steffisburg
Telephone- 0334378707
Email address: kungfu [at] beonet [dot] ch

Chin Woo Schweiz
Chow Kok Yeng, Badenerstrasse 569
8048 Zurich
Telephone: 4114935857
Email address:zuerich [at] chin-woo [dot] ch

Jing Wu Sports Federation in France :

France Chin Woo Athletic Association
France Chin Woo Athletic Association Cannes,
20 Rue de la Rampe, 06400 Cannes
Email address: grandbleumarine [at] wanadoo [dot] fr

Jing Wu Sports Federation in United Kingdom:

British Chin Woo Athletic Association Cannes
The Need Ham Research Institute, 8 Sylvester Rd,
Cambridge, England CB3 9A7

British Chin Woo Athletic Association
6 Evelyn Mansions,Carlisle Place
London SWIP 1NH, UK

Jing Wu Sports Federation in Poland:

Polish Chin Woo Athletic Association
00 233 Warszawa, wl Franciszkanska 7/9,

Location and contact details of more Jingwu sports federation branches on other countries will be added soon.