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Special: As on requests and searches by many martial artist and martial art lovers throughout the time, we have added the locations of Jing Wu Sports Federations (Chin Woo) around the world here. Please have a look. More locations on the way.

Martial Arts Blog :

This martial arts online portal host a martial arts blog (martial arts weblog) where you can find articles and reviews on martial art related topics and products such as articles about shaolin temple, shaolin monks, kung fu, boxing, wushu, chi kung, arnis, MMA etc and reviews on the martial art book of 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk and the real american shaolin, Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming’s The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior's Way, training instructions on doing the taoist reverse breathing exercise for development of chi (ki), etc and martial arts news. You can browse and post your comments on our martial art blog without registration. Kindly visit our Martial Arts Blog

Martial Arts Styles :

Like there are numerous religions in the world there are many martial arts styles / martial arts systems. Like religions have casts, martial arts systems may have different substyles and lineages. Our Martial Arts Styles section has details of different martial art systems around the world.

Martial Arts Directory :

Browse our martial arts directory to find sites relating different martial arts. Find martial art forums, martial art product suppliers, martial art blog sites, martial art content, martial arts news site, martial art download sites, martial art informative sites, official sites of martial art schools, martial art movie stars, fighters, etc. Listings of sites regarding martial art movie reviews, martial art legends and martial art movie stars. You can also submit your own sites or can refer/suggest a site that you feel beneficial for other martial art searchers.

Online Martial Arts TV :

World of Martial art provides Martial arts online TV for you. Please visit the online martial arts web tv for free and have fun. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Martial Arts Gallery :

World of martialart .com provides a Martial arts gallery which hosts, martial arts videos, martial arts music, martial art TV channel, picture gallery including martial arts wallpapers. Gallery also contains downloads links from rapidshare, megaupload, filelodge, filefactory, streamdump, etc. More than that, the site contains various martial arts torrents. Through torrents you can download martial art movies, articles, martial arts e-books, e-magazines (e-zine), music, martial arts instructional videos (training videos), etc covering almost all martial arts and healing and internal health systems such as Chinese kung fu, wushu, Japanese judo, Japanese ninjitsu, aikido, muay thai (thai boxing), Korean taekwondo, Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do (JKD), arnis, kali, karate, boxing, Ju Jutsu, BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jutsu), kendo, hapkido, Indian kalaripayattu, shorinji kempo, Burmese boxing, kenpo, sanda (Sanshou), Eskrima, bujitsu, capoeira, Indian yoga, holistic systems such as reiki, ayurveda, acupressure, yoga, acupuncture, etc.

Martial Arts News :

World of Martial Arts presents martial arts news portal. Visit our martial arts new portal to read about new martial arts happenings around the globe. Read about Researchs on Tai chi chuan, happenings in shaolin temple, etc.

Martial Arts Forum : provides a Martial Arts Forum for you to participate in various martial arts based discussion. In this martial arts forum you can find forums based on various martial art systems grouped like Chinese martial arts forum, Japanese martial art forum, Thailand martial arts forum, etc. There is a Martial Art News Forum where newest martial arts news is posted. In Martial arts tournament results forum the martial arts fight results of various martial arts ring fights, cage fights, MMA fights etc including UFC results, K-1 results and Art of War results, etc are posted.

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Martial Arts School Search :

The site contains many martial art schools and health systems in the world. Teachers and students can submit their schools. Or if you want to join a school based on kung fu, wushu, chi kung (Qi Gong), judo, ninjitsu, reiki, aikido, muay thai, acupressure, acupuncture, chin na, taekwondo, jeet-kune-do (JKD), yoga, arnis, kali, karate, boxing, Ju Jutsu, BJJ (Brazilian Ju Jutsu), kenpo, kendo, shorinji kempo, hapkido, kalaripayattu, Burmese boxing, Sanda (San shou), Eskrima, bujitsu, capoeira, Kinomichi or any martial art , then browse the categorized listing to pick up the schools info and locations.

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Check this site for almost all martial arts including the modern martial arts such as BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu), Mixed martial arts ( MMA ), Wushu, Kinomichi or Traditional fighting martial art styles such as Kung fu (Gung fu), Indian martial art Kalaripayattu and even the forgotten martial arts such as Mizongyi (refer chinese martial art movie star jetli’s last movie about Chinese kung fu legend Huo YuanJia the founder and spiritual guru of the Jingwu Sports Federation, 'Fearless') , Vajra musti (not the shaolin vajra fist but the an old Indian secret martial art).

Martial Art Directory

Web Directory: Find sites relating almost all martial arts such as kung fu, wushu, karate ,muay thai, MMA (mixed martial arts), taekwondo, JKD, Aikido, BJJ, ...

Find martial art forums, martial art suppliers, schools, blogs, etc ...

Martial Art Downloads

Download your favorite martial art movies, musics, articles, martial arts e-books, e-zine, etc regarding martial art of any genere or ring fight videos, martial art musics,...

Download or upload instantly or feed or seed torrents ...

Martial Art Forum

Martial Arts Forum: This martial arts forum is opened for all martial artists. Lot of categories avilable. Discuss about various martial art styles, ring fights, tournament results, martial art techniques, martial arts training,....

Martial arts blog

Martial arts blog: Blog in your views on our martial arts weblog. Post blogs and comments on various martial arts topics. Read through varoius martial arts articles. Discuss freely in this weblog

Find Martial Art Schools

Find or submit a martial arts school in your region.

If you want to join a martial arts school, browse the categorized listing to pick up the martial arts schools information and location....

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